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ZA DARMO Kursy: Python And Flask Framework (12h), Agile (37h), AWS (2.5h), PHP with MySQL (5h)
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ZA DARMO Kursy: Python And Flask Framework (12h), Agile (37h), AWS (2.5h), PHP with MySQL (5h)

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804° Zakończono
ZA DARMO Kursy: Python And Flask Framework (12h), Agile (37h), AWS (2.5h), PHP with MySQL (5h)
paź 21. 2020

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Kursy są w języku angielskim.

[4] [12h 2m] Python And Flask Framework Complete Course Code = 3056FFAA840CFCA9B60E

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[4.3] [4h 42m] The Python Programming v3 .9 Comprehensive Bootcamp code = 309B518E2B1ECF4B361F

[4.2] [0h 56m] Intermittent Fasting 101 - The Beginner's Guide code = 05FFA7877EC1953E62E7

[4.2] [1h 6m] Juicing - For Health & Longevity code = D28DF8DA0C8BF6C3BC7E

[4.2] [0h 56m] The Simple And Easy Way To Cure Insomnia: Sleep Better! Code = 1BF7CCEC598AE1471E99

[4.2] [1h 7m]Healthy Heart - Strengthen, Heal & Protect Your Heart Code = E1A3C95DEE8EB623A712

[4.3] [0h 57m] Binge-Free Healthy Lifestyle Diet Code = EEDD564F060634980CF5

[4] [1h 2m] Eczema Solution - Discover The Secrets Of Beating Eczema Code = A9072FAF3D57FEE6DC52

[4.4 ] [1h 5m] Ketogenic Diet - Look & Feel Amazing The Keto Diet Way! Code = 4878C1CA67DAD9561FB1

[New] [1h 5m] Immunity Boosting Foods - Protect & Boost Your Immune System Code = 3F18A577C7D4DF96268A

[4.6] [0h 45m] Finance Fundamentals for Building an Investment Portfolio Code = MULTISTRAT_PRELAUNH

[4.4] [0h 44m] Remote Teaching Online // How To Record Lectures at Home Code = 6C931B998D292FAAEF04

[New] [2h 31ms] AWS Business Essentials - The Business Value of Amazon AWS Code = AWS4BUSINESS

[New] [1h 34m] Todoist - Increase your Productivity in 2021 with Todoist Code = 950088354C9FF5E2ADA4

[3.9] [4h 20m] Legal Document Automation using Documate Code = DOCUMATELAUNCHCODE

[4.3] [5h 7m ] Python for beginners - Learn all the basics of python Code = 2453EC154B975F8473E4

[4.2] [1h 1m]Typography Logo Design 4 Photography Business Design Theory Code = FREEDOM_TO_LEARN

[4] [20h 20m] Ultimate Content Writing Masterclass: 30 Courses in 1 Code = CONTENT20

[5] [0h 47m] Adobe Illustrator: Vector brushes and illustrations Code = F18E059E9A721B2962D7

[3.9] [1h 14m] Sell Photo Online: Beginners Guide Stock Photography Code = STOCKOCT2020F2

[3.9] [4h 59m] PHP with MySQL- Procedural Code = AD3E685F2E497CC91F1F

[4.4] [1h 52m] Capturing, Analyzing, and Using Lessons Learned (PMI - PMP)Code = BC0D6A16DA2EDDF54D15

[4.3] [1h 58m] Plan and Define Project Scope (PMI - PMP) Code = 909BE91B699D33B0FA08

[5] [2h 2m] Using Lean for Perfection and Quality Code = F6CE19EC8CD57DC7DAE2

[4.7] [23.5h] Learn Development By Building Projects (Eduonix)

[4.4] [17.5h] Learn Top Ten Frameworks In PHP By Building Projects (Eduonix)

[4.3] [6h] Learn C Sharp Programming From Scratch (Eduonix)

[4.4] [6h] Learn Scala Programming Language from Scratch (Eduonix)

[4.5] [4.5h] Learn PHP and MySQL Development From Scratch (Eduonix)

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