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ZA DARMO Kursy: Effective Business Planning & Execution, Digital Nomad Lifestyle, Business Etiquette, Python for Machine Learning & More

kwi 17. 2022

Ta okazja już wygasła. Oto kilka opcji, które mogą Cię zainteresować:

Wszystkie te kody wkrótce wygasną i zgodnie z nowymi zasadami Udemy można wykorzystać maksymalnie 1000 kuponów na kursy.

[Highest rated] [11h 26m] Effective Business Planning and Execution Code=BPFREE
[4.3] [9h 32m] SEO Training for Beginners: Learn SEO & Local SEO Fast & Fun Code=WATERTIGER4
[4.4] [8h 14m] Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Live Your Dream & Travel the World Code=WATERTIGER5
[4.4] [15h 21m] Best of Digital Marketing Essentials 2022: Learn Fun & Fast Code=WATERTIGER2
[4.7] [6h 25m] The Complete B2B Sales Course: Lead Generation to Closing Code=70DB258386073179ADFD
[4.2] [2h 6m] The Complete Business Etiquette Course - Biz Social Skills Code=77CD86F73F7C0C562135
[4.6] [1h 12m] Business Fundamentals & Questions to Answer Before Launching Code=6B2B1070E195551B9273
[4.0] [58m] Freelance Consulting - The 1-Hour Course for Beginners Code=4EF41CF70D1E424A0F09
[4.5] [12h 43m] The Complete Leadership Mastery Course Code=AF3E38F6846F403D76AA
[4.1] [4h 46m] Gatsby JS | Build a personal blog using gatsbyJS Code=APRIL_2022
[4.2] [5h 57m] The Lean Startup: Best course on Entrepreneurship Code=LEAN107
[New] [2h 27m] Schema psychotherapy for Borderline Personality Disorder BPD Code=70B90A95327C44B26FF9
[4.5] [47m] Consulting Offer Creation Masterclass Code=APR2022
[4.2] [3h 37m] Instagram Marketing 2021: Growth and Promotion on Instagram Code=DE37002E6B2ED9330900
[4.2] [1h 58m] Design Thinking Guide for Successful Professionals Code=APR2022FREE01
[New] [3h 43m] Create and Scale Powerful Facebook Ads For Your Business Code=59FB0ADCAF349190CC1D
[4.6] [63h 39m] Advanced Financial Accounting Code=62B0826BFC20F59C2B87
[4.5] [48m] Hiring Process: Talent Management Code=E4B603DFC8D8ED388E4A
[Bestseller] [9h 15m] Lead Generation Mastery with Facebook Lead & Messenger Ads Code=WATERTIGER5
[4.2] [2h 54m] Fire Up Creativity in Your Child Code=APR2022FREE01
[Bestseller] [4h 44m] Asana Ultimate Course 2022 Code=TRY1000FREE42203
[4.2] [35h 49m] SEO & Copywriting Course as Project & Fun: 43 Days Challenge Code=WATERTIGER3
[4.4] [4h 45m] Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Course 2022: The Art of Selling Code=WATERTIGER3
[4.4] [1h 0m] Modern Niche Marketing: Niche Website for Beginners! Code=ACE4E54CDDE09D92145B
[4.5] [3h 0m] Awesome Startup Pitch deck: Raise Capital (20+ Templates) Code=PITCHDECK107
[4.3] [6h 48m] SaaS Masterclass: Sales, Marketing and Growth Metrics Code=SAAS108
[4.4] [7h 10m] 31 Startup Business Model: Best Course for Entrepreneurs Code=31STARTUP108
[Bestseller] [5h 11m] MBA Course: Marketing and Business Strategy Code=MBACOURSE108
[4.5] [5h 51m] MBA: Retail management, Merchandising, and E-commerce Code=MBARETAIL107
[4.2] [3h 14m] Data Manipulation in Python: Master Python, Numpy & Pandas Code=A5DF71D762E97F22E3F8
[4.2] [2h 4m] Python for Deep Learning: Build Neural Networks in Python Code=2DAFFBDBF73B45EBE4D6
[4.2] [3h 14m] Data Manipulation in Python: Master Python, Numpy & Pandas Code=4545392C840EE7F1B13F
[4.6] [2h 28m] Python for Machine Learning: The Complete Beginner's Course Code=08C10D816798ED6EF146
[Hot & new] [1h 15m] Bitcoin University: Build & Grow Your Wealth with Bitcoin Code=1C2DE74D013C5B1FB802
[4.2] [2h 15m] The Complete NFT Course: Become an NFT Creator & Investor Code=945A1F7B20DEFBC14B10
[4.2] [2h 15m] The Complete NFT Course: Become an NFT Creator & Investor Code=EF76098EF18912F467B1
[Amazon US/UK] Python Coding For Kids (Free with Kindle Unlimited or $0.99) No Code
[Amazon US/UK] Python Programming Exercises (Free with Kindle Unlimited or $0.99) No Code
[Amazon US/UK] Startup Growth Strategy (Free with Kindle Unlimited or $0.99) No Code

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