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Ponad 60 darmowych kursów Udemy: SAP, Astronomie, Excel, Python, Matlab, Video Editing, React 101, Web Development, Adobe Animate
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Ponad 60 darmowych kursów Udemy: SAP, Astronomie, Excel, Python, Matlab, Video Editing, React 101, Web Development, Adobe Animate

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Ponad 60 darmowych kursów Udemy: SAP, Astronomie, Excel, Python, Matlab, Video Editing, React 101, Web Development, Adobe Animate
lis 6. 2020

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(4.3) Lead Generation MASTERY with Facebook Lead & Messenger Ads TOP111

(4.6) Facebook Ads MASTERY Blueprint - Beginner to Expert in 2020 2862E4B94AEF91B3608C

(4.2) Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 MasterClass FA67BECB9B1E49A971F6

(4) Business Development & Sales Mastery For B2B Businesses 30FF9B387B2DDF066774

(New) Football betting for profit: Learn sports betting now! 90479E792BBAD9654091

(4.6) Introduction to Quantum Computing 079EBA523285AAF5C6F0

(4.6) How To Start a Profitable Video Marketing Agency 36491317925CE92EF114

(4.4) How To Start A Profitable Web Design Business 3D811EAB5017B93E4300

(4.3) Microsoft Excel Training: Learn Essential Excel Skills FREENOV

(4) Poster and Banner Design for Beginners 47D56D5BD2D04A9

(4.5) 1-HOUR Bookkeeping & accounting (accounting & bookkeeping) 57635E0AD89FB7584A06


(4.2) Super way to Learn Arduino | Creative ROBOT11OMG

(4.3) Practical Web Development: 22 Courses in 1 WEB22IN1NOV2020

(New) Four Real Estate Investing Strategies For Financial Success FREISFEXPNOV82020

(4.3) Introduction to Domain Names and Web Hosting - Quick Guide YOUACCELNOV05

(4.2) Bootstrap & jQuery - Certification Course for Beginners YOUACCELNOV05

(4.2) PHP & MySQL - Certification Course for Beginners YOUACCELNOV05

(4.2) HTML, CSS, & JavaScript - Certification Course for Beginners YOUACCELNOV05

(4.1) Setup a Virtual Web Server using Linode or Digital Ocean YOUACCELNOV05

(4.2) NGINX, Apache, SSL Encryption - Certification Course YOUACCELNOV05

(4) How the Internet Works & the Web Development Process YOUACCELNOV05

(4) JavaScript, Bootstrap, & PHP - Certification for Beginners YOUACCELNOV05

(4.4) Persuasive Writing Ft. Two Forbes Contributors & Copywriters YOUACCELNOV05

(4.2) Complete Guide to Pinterest & Pinterest Growth 2020 474BC9DFA6B98FFCE909

(4) Complete web development Bootcamp for Beginners -2020 MY_STUDENTS

(4) Content Marketing Strategy & Techniques: Beginner to Expert CONTENT6

(New) The Complete Business & Marketing Course - 23 Courses in 1 LAUNCHSPECIAL00

(4.7) Communicate to Win and Influence 7315D0719623156D24F4

(4.4) Problems & Solutions in Accounting Basics NOVFRC

(New) Fundamentals of Business Accounting: Learn Quick and Easy F13C82BE709AAC8677A6

(4.3) Presentation Skills - Advanced: Speak Without Reading Notes 609C5D1CB13FA3B94D61

(4.4) Public Speaking: You Can Speak to Large Audiences FCCDF0A85F6980CD60AD

(4.6) Journalism: Conduct Great Media Interviews 0593C183BAB4293BCB44

(4.4) Complete Goal Setting Course - Become Your Own Life Coach 8C6E5B87A90F72976F1A

(4.5) Complete Hypnosis Weight Loss Course - Dieting Psychology 2E4D5ED89B5DC3EA068F

(4.5) Complete Goal Achievement Course - Personal Success Goals 1334B54755F75E9F0909

(4.9) The Complete Reiki Course: 30+ Hours of Secrets from A to Z AFD86555CCACEB00E74D

(Highest Rated ) Complete Google Certified Educator Level 1 and 2 Masterclass ED57A28347C32C8641C6

(Hot & New ) Complete Management Coaching Course - Executive Coaching E3F1F43365C7E7DCE469

(4.4) Stock Trading Momentum Based Strategies1- Technical Analysis 1NOV20

(4.1) Trading Strategies Backtesting With Python DBAF11B92B43CBBDC98A

(5) Machine learning and Lexicon approach to Sentiment analysis DC878893990484137046

(4) Business Analytics Course 2020 BUSINESS5

(New) React 101 - basics complete & latest. Forms, routing, async BDA9B1051849F6B2DB47

(4.1) The Python Programming For Everyone Immersive Training BD714282A199F0B461CE

(Bestseller) OBS Studio - Ultimate Livestreaming Guide to OBS Studio 3D18CBF1BA8736611114

(4.2) Python And Flask Framework Complete Course For Beginners DEA08795957534B227AF

(4) Python for Beginners:Introduction to Python 6357A09370F9974153C2

(4.1) EFT Your Business for Success EFTBSEXPNOV72020

(4.8) Video Editing With Davinci Resolve 16 for Beginners HOLLIDAYS

(5) MATLAB For People in Hurry MATLAB-FREE

(4.2) The Role of Psychology in Enhancing Cybersecurity BDAE13FBFCA9651584E9

(4.2) English grammar tenses & structures, the ultimate course NOVEMBERSECOND

(4.3) Complete Responsive Web Development: 4 courses in 1 WEB4IN1NOV2020

(New) HTML5 & CSS3 Course | Practical Guide for Building Websites 5FA9830B016825AEB626

(4.6) Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming NOV2020FREE2

(New) Let's create a ML Classifier, Neural Regressor from Scratch 079F778394190BC7B9F3

(New) The Complete SAP Analytics Course 2020 EARLYBIRD

(New) Adobe Animate cc : The Beginner's Guide to Adobe Animate NOVPRO

Kursy płatne w promocji:

(4.3) SEO TRAINING 2021: Complete SEO Course + WordPress SEO Yoast $9.99 1NOV999

(4.7) Master JavaScript - The Most Compete JavaScript Course 2020 $11.99 LEARNNOV

(4.6) The Complete IT Job Search Course - Land Your Dream IT Job $9.99 THANKS1

(Bestseller) The Complete Communication Skills Master Class for Life THANKS3

(4.7) AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate - 2020 [SAA-C02] $9.99 AWSNOV

(4.3) Risk Management for Business Analysts (PMI-RMP/IIBA-ECBA) $12.99 NOVOLEARN2020

(Highest Rated ) The Agile Methodology for Project Risk Managers $12.99 NOVOLEARN2020
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