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(Kindle eBook) The Venture Capital Playbook: Venture Capital Fundraising, Term Sheets, Valuation & Crowdfunding 0,99 USD @ Amazon

lip 2. 2022

Ta okazja już wygasła. Oto kilka opcji, które mogą Cię zainteresować:

Ebook jest w języku angielskim. Dostępne również w Kindle Unlimited / 0,99$

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Opis książki w języku angielskim

The Venture Capital Playbook is your "Center of Excellence" for all things Startup, Venture Capital Fundraising, and Investor Pitching.

  • Learn about the many types of Venture Capital and Angel Investors from this book
  • Get a better grasp of starting a business and raising capital.
  • Discover Your Ideal Investor
  • Find the Right Investor for Your Company
  • Make a Great Investment Presentation
  • Compose a comprehensive Business and financial plan along with a Pitch Deck for Investors
  • Learn How to deliver an excellent pitch presentation.
  • Learn How to Read and Negotiate Venture Capital Term Sheets
  • We go into great detail about whether or not you should look into equity crowdfunding.

As you read the book, we will consider some key issues:
  • Can Venture Capital help your Business?
  • Your alternatives for equity and non-equity Financing
  • Cons and Pros of Venture Capital Finance
  • Do you know the Investment Stages?
  • How do we engage and attract investors?
  • Comprehending deal structures and investing?
  • What are the critical Deal Terms to know?
  • Choose the right Venture Capitalist for your Business.
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