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(Kindle eBook) Shut-Up! And Steal My Ideas: 20 - Million Dollar Startup Ideas And Implementation Frameworks 0,99 USD - Amazon

sie 1. 2022

Ta okazja już wygasła. Oto kilka opcji, które mogą Cię zainteresować:

Ebook jest w języku angielskim. Dostępne również w Kindle Unlimited / 0,99$

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Opis książki w języku angielskim

Ideas are nothing more than a multiplier on how good your execution is, and what I mean by that is this. So you've got ideas and you multiply them by execution.

If you're going to be an idea-generating machine, you have to recognize where opportunities live. And that starts with understanding human psychology.

What would people pay for?
What do people want?

You have to know that if you're going to be able to create a great business.

Second, how are you going to turn problems into ideas? The best businesses are started by solving a problem. You need to first be able to recognize problems, and then recognize how you can make money from those problems.

So we're going to dive into those things.

The next thing is the ‘Frameworks’. I personally think this is the most valuable part of the book. I hope you agree.

You might also find a lot of value in the 20 ideas that I give away, however; these frameworks are going to be vital to you being able to generate your own ideas on demand.

Basically, I've been coming up with 100 plus ideas every year for five or six years now. And these are my 20 Best Put in Action Right Now and Make Money Ideas.

For each one, I will go over what the problem is we're solving, what the solution is, how the idea would work and practice what the business model or revenue model would be, market valuations or market size, maybe competition and then some back of the napkin math so that you can understand just how much money is at stake and how much money you could generate if you execute well on the idea.
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