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(Kindle eBook) Python and Excel For Beginners: Python In 30 Days And Excel In 7 Days 0,99 USD @ Amazon

lip 10. 2022

Ta okazja już wygasła. Oto kilka opcji, które mogą Cię zainteresować:

Ebook jest w języku angielskim. Dostępne również w Kindle Unlimited / 0,99$

Opis książki w języku angielskim

In this book, you will learn and master Python in one month and spend only 7 DAYS learning Microsoft Excel. This book is a complete guide to everything you need to know about Python and Ms Excel. But, first, you must be willing to actively learn and do the exercises. There will be solutions later, but don’t you peek.
Excel is the world's most popular data analysis software. Why? It's simple to learn and quite effective once you've mastered it. On the other hand, Python is more complex to use, even though what you can do with it once you've learned it is nearly limitless.
Excel is a popular tool for data analysis. It is widely used in the financial industry to perform analytical tasks. Excel is a bit more complicated to create new codes and automation because it requires the use of VBAs. VBA is Microsoft’s programming language. VBAs are difficult to use and make Excel difficult to work with when performing multiple operations during data analysis.
Python, as a programming language, has several advantages over Excel. First, it is an open-source programming language with many contributors who volunteer to provide regular code updates and improve functionality.
On the other hand, Excel is a paid software that only provides program updates to those who purchased the application, limiting its use. Python also comes with a slew of preinstalled libraries, saving time for developers who would otherwise have to start from scratch.
This book gives you a complete free-hand and a valuable resource for learning and referencing both Python and Microsoft Excel. The guide to Python is one month. And the guide to Ms Excel is one week.
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