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Kamerka IP 1080p Xiaovv Q10
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Kamerka IP 1080p Xiaovv Q10

lip 29. 2019

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Kamerka IP 1080p Xiaovv Q10 w dobrej cenie.

$23.99 = 93 zł
Kod: BGQ10239

Description :

Xiaovv Q10 Smart 1080P PT 360° Panoramic WiFi Camera ONVIF Full Color AP Hotspot Off Network Monitoring IR Night Version Waterproof

- Wireless WIFI, High Penetration
Self-contained WIFI hotspot function, with high-gain antenna, transmission speed doubles the increase and spread penetration, solves the problem of insufficient picture coverage

- M*otion Detection, Alarm Reminder
Within the scope of monitoring, if someone or an object moves, the system that triggers the m-otion detection function will automatically send an alarm message to the phone, and open the phone to view it.

- Cloud Storage
After purchasing the cloud storage, after the video is uploaded to the cloud, even if the device is damaged or stolen, it will not affect the historical video.

- TF Card Storage Video
Support 16-64GB memory card loop recording, no need to pull out the card to delete the extra content, will automatically cover after the memory is full

- Multi-Person Multi-Platform Viewing
Support mobile phone / tablet / computer platform, multiple people watch the monitoring screen at the same time
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