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Gra Sizeable [STEAM] (Typu puzzle)

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Sizeable is a short, relaxing and casual puzzle/exploration game all about shrinking and growing. The game started out as a student project and made it's way to becoming business goose studio's first real game! It's a passion project made with a lot of love that you hopefully will enjoy as much as we did making it!
What if you where given the power to shrink the moon? Or maybe the sun? Or maybe every house, tree, planet,...?
In Sizeable you receive the power to do exactly that! Use your resizing powers to manipulate the objects around you. Shrink the moon and lower the tide or resize a cloud to make it super windy! Puzzle your way through every level in order to find the 3 hidden objects. Maybe you'll even find a secret turtle aswel?

  • A relaxing puzzle/exploration experience
  • 38 beautiful low poly dioramas ranging from deserts to space!
  • 38 Secret tortoises to find!
  • Relaxing music written and composed by Jamal Green!
  • A Diorama Building Mode!
  • 10 Secret diorama's to find, unlock & play!

Sizeable has received a number of free level packs, the last one to ever release being the "Community Matters" pack!
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