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Frytownica beztłuszczowa JOYA TXG-S5M6 do kupienia w Geekbuiyng za $68.29 / 322,07 zł z darmową dostawą z europejskiego magazynu.

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5.5L Large Capacity Air Fryer
Equipped with a removable 5.5L square frying basket, this air fryer can cook up to 800g of French fries at the same time, which is enough for a family. Also, it's dishwasher safe so you don't have to worry about cleaning.
1700W High-efficiency Power
Thanks to high-speed convection technology, dishes are cooked using only hot air. The power of 1700W ensures faster cooking and 360-degree heating so that it has the same aroma and consistency as a conventional deep fryer.
LED Touch Screen
The LED screen clearly shows the temperature and countdown timer, and there are 8 preset dishes to choose from. One touch to turn it on, then you can rotate the knob to select the preset food item that you want.
Material Safety
Made of stainless steel on the surface and food-friendly aluminum inside, JOYA hot air fryer doesn't give off unpleasant odors when heated. The fryer basket is PFOA and BPA-free and has an integrated non-stick coating for improved wear resistance and easy cleaning.
Easy to Use
There are only two buttons, but you can prepare a wide range of dishes, such as french fries, chicken, cakes, vegetables, bread, and more for your daily needs.

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