Drukarka 3D Alfawise U30 Pro 4.3'' z Polski

Drukarka 3D Alfawise U30 Pro 4.3'' z Polski

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lis 17. 2020
Drukarka 3D Alfawise U30 Pro 4.3'' z Polski za 329.99$ z kodem: ALFAU30PRO1
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Main Features:
● The appearance adopts the classic metal red and black color matching.
Built-in switching power supply, improve safety.
Humanized UI design, the operation is more simple and convenient.
Super large nut, easier for levelling.
● Plug-and-play TMC2208 stepper motor driver, also for smooth operation and precise printing
Filament run-out protectionandpower outage protection guarantee successful print
4.3 inch touch screen, over 53 percent bigger than that of U30, with anoptimized user interface, providing instant access to settings and easier control of printing process
● Efficient heating and uniform temperature provided by the high-power hot bed with aluminum substrate, glass build platform, and PC sticker for excellent adhesion and smooth base of prints
The latest open source Marlin firmware for total control of the 3D printer, makers' freedom, e.g. installation of automatic leveling module
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