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20 Za Darmo Kindle eBooks: Data Science Interview, Linux Operating System, Prophet Conspiracy, Samosa Cookbook, The Giraffe Who & More

maj 21. 2022

Ta okazja już wygasła. Oto kilka opcji, które mogą Cię zainteresować:

e-booki są w języku angielskim

Data Science Interview: Prep for SQL, Panda, Python, R Language, Machine Learning, DBMS and RDBMS - And More - The Full Data Scientist Interview Handbook - Free without Kindle Unlimited…VQ3

LINUX: Learn The Linux Operating System With Ease - The Linux For Beginners Guide, Learn The Linux Command Line, Linux Shell Scripting And Linux Programming - Free without Kindle Unlimited dp / B07125NJH3

The Prophet Conspiracy - Free without Kindle Unlimited…XFG

A Belfast Tale - Free without Kindle Unlimited…3XG

1,500 FASCINATING FACTS: All the really interesting knowledge around the World - Free without Kindle Unlimited…3ZG

The Revenge of Hatathor - Free without Kindle Unlimited / B09BD8XSMR

The Samosa Cookbook: 30 Crispy and Crunchy Samosa Recipes - Free without Kindle Unlimited…04C

Beauty of Life: 101 Inspirational Quotes - Free without Kindle Unlimited
amazon. com / dp / B09C82PFWN

The Turn of the Screw - Free without Kindle Unlimited…VNE

Finding My Moo: What Can I Do? - Free without Kindle Unlimited…K7T

SPANDREL: A Cosmic Horror - Free without Kindle Unlimited…WK2

Distant Lovers: An Anthology of Love Poems - Free without Kindle Unlimited

Leon's Lesson: A Moral Lesson on Empathy and Honesty (Moral Values) - Free without Kindle Unlimited…622

The Dinosaur Who Discovered Hamburgers - Free without Kindle Unlimited…YJK

Escape to Happy Ever After: An uplifting feel-good romance - Free without Kindle Unlimited…Z4W

The Elmo Jenkins Trilogy - Free without Kindle Unlimited…DMO

The Giraffe Who. (2 books) - Free without Kindle Unlimited…VFB

Optimise (5 Books) - Free without Kindle Unlimited…2VM

Anxiety in Relationship: " Understand what's Hindering Your Couple's Success, Instilling Jealousy, Conflict, and Insecurity. Overcome your Fears, by Allowing ... without Therapy "(Self Help for Women) - Free without Kindle Unlimited B08MCLWHMQ

How To Improve At Chess: A Beginner's Guide to Improving at Chess as Quickly as Possible, In Fun and Easy-To-Read English - Free without Kindle Unlimited…YCG

53 Must Do Python Projects For All - Free with Kindle Unlimited or $ 0.99…C2W

Mergers & Acquisitions Made Simple: Step by Step M&A , Company Valuation, Negotiation Skills, Business Plans and Finance Guide for Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs - Free with Kindle Unlimited or $ 0.99…S58
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