Kod 30% za wypełnienie aniety Brooks akcesoria rowerowe

Kod 30% za wypełnienie aniety Brooks akcesoria rowerowe

lis 19. 2021
Z kodem zniżka na asortyment.

Np. Siodło C17 Carved z Revolutem za 360zł.

Dear Brooks Enthusiast,

At Brooks, we are always at work, hungry for innovation and ways to keep ourselves informed about new directions whilst keeping true to our values. That is why, from time to time, we consult with the Brooks community to help us better understand the value that we have helped create over 150 years of cycling history.

This survey is dedicated to those who are already familiar with our Saddles, be they Leather or Cambium, and wish to share their feelings with us. In this way, we allow sharing to help guide the brand and raise the bar for quality even higher.

Your opinion is therefore of the highest value. If you choose to honour us with your contribution, you will receive a 30% discount which you may use towards a future purchase in our online shop, or share with a friend as a gift.

Thank you for your time and attention as you complete the questionnaire!

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