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Update na temat metody enter oraz zakupów przez VPN jak i ich alternatywy na dzień 13.09.2018 nie wprowadzony przez autora posta

In the last days there were many speculations and questions regarding foreign purchases in the Xbox Store. After Microsoft banned various accounts for 14 days on 2018-09-06 after the so-called "enter method" became known (probably also for self-protection because it could not be ruled out that it was a hacker attack), there was a lot of confusion as to whether games could still be purchased abroad.

In fact, the whole situation is still relatively uncertain, but one thing is certain: the enter method is no longer possible at all. And that's a good thing. Not only for your accounts it could cause problems (bans etc.), but also Microsoft's infrastructure suffers with certainty. Since it seems to be just a glitch anyway, which is fixed in the meantime, you can be happy if at least your pre-orders remain.

There were some cancellations of games, but partly (in the example of Spyro) this was not due to a foreign purchase, but to the game itself. Also affected were players from the U.S. who bought regularly in their home store. However, the reason for this is not known. Probably at the publisher's request.

Even the purchase via VPN does not seem to work anymore. Of course, there can be exceptions. At least in the low-price countries like Argentina or Turkey it is no longer possible. That does not mean of course that a) it will not work again sometime in the future and b) that all countries are affected. If you were successful purchasing a game from a foreign store using VPN, please drop me a message. Recently someone in our Discord Channel speculated that Microsoft might have introduced a so-called BIN check for credit cards. The first six digits of the credit card number are validated, as they refer to the issuing bank and the country of origin of the card. Of course this would be a pity...

Nevertheless, purchases via gift cards are still possible!

At the moment it is difficult to get gift cards for Turkey and almost impossible to get them for Argentina. But never say never! The situation in these countries also changes again and so I can well imagine that in a few weeks/months gift cards will be available again. But if you know any person who lives in such a country, it's always possible to get cards from there. Local businesses sell them, as long as they have stock. But probably there won't be stock for too long anymore. It's also uncertain, if they can re-stock... We will see...

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