lis 13. 2021
Dostałem takie wiadomości od sprzedającego, czy to próba wymuszenia dopłaty??

sorry , as my carelessness set the wrong price, our company stipulates that I cannot set this event for the Double Eleven event. Can you make up for $20? I just started working after graduating from college. Can you make up $20 for this order? I'm really sorry, our leader has asked me to close the inventory, I can no longer sold it , and punished me. Hope to get your understanding, this event saved you 21 dollars, would you like to make up 20 dollars? If it doesn’t work, I’ll ask our leader again. I’m sorry for the mistakes, and hope to get your understanding. is it ok ?

If it doesn’t work, I’ll ask our leader again and inquiry the solve ways , and if you have any problem please contact with us , that is our product we will responsible for our every each product
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