Gearbest i ich "przeprosiny"

kwi 22. 2016
W połowie lutego zamówiłem power banka Xiaomi na stronie Gearbest (darmowa przesyłka).

Dzisiaj otrzymałem takiego luźnego maila od nich:

"My Dearest Friend,

We just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for your tolerance and patience. We appreciate how cool you are, you made the journey together an incredible one. But, now it’s time to say how VERY SORRY we are to you.

Why? For when you perhaps did not receive your awesome gear as fast as you expected. Maybe we even made a (super extremely rare) mistake, and you did not receive your ordered items. Or sometimes, our tireless team of superheroes Customer Service staff did not resolve your problem in time. Indeed, you might even feel that you have suffered unfairly. We get it.

We are sorry. But not just a little bit, we are so sorry from everyone here at Gearbest. So please accept our epic-sized apologies if we have ever disappointed you.
...but that's not all. Sometimes words are not enough...

So we asked all our colleagues at Team Gearbest for their best ideas: we're delighted to offer this cool Coupon Code to you, a massive

(tutaj dali kod)

Yes, the GB staff made a difference but we both know that
we would not still be here today were it not for each and
every one of you.

You're not just important. You're AMAZING."

Ktoś otrzymał od nich coś podobnego? Nie wiem czy ten power bank w końcu kiedyś tam dojdzie czy jednak go nie wysłali.

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    @1r0n Kupon jest na wartość powerbanka, żebyś mógł zamówić powtórnie?


    Powerbank w końcu doszedł jakieś 2-3 tygodnie temu. ;-)
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